About Time for Citizenship

What is Time for Citizenship?

Time for Citizenship is a website that provides support to file for any immigration paperwork from green cards, employment authorization and citizenship. Our hi-tech software will guide you through the whole process from the eligibility stage to completing the forms and downloading them.

Avoid any unnecessary costs, delays or possibilities of losing files, as we offer a satisfaction guarantee policy.

Is Time For Citizenship an official government entity?

No, Time For Citizenship is an independent company. We help people complete to fill their USCIS forms (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Benefits of using Time for Citizenship?

  • Avoid any unnecessary costs, delays or possibilities of losing files, as we offer a satisfaction guarantee policy
  • Save time filling in forms manually
  • Personal guide of the application depending on your answers
  • Customer support service
  • Secure forms and providing you with all the privacy
  • Avoid mistakes by typing and editing your answers
  • Download and print forms in the comfort of your home

Forms and documents

Are the forms available for free?

Forms are directly available the government, however the support we provide is knowing your eligibility, service to help you fill out the forms. At Time For Citizenship we streamline the processes and simplify any long-winded USCIS petitions. We have a guaranteed policy if your application is approved and downloaded from our site.

Can you help me fill out my form?

Our software application will guide you through the whole process. We have further documentation on our site. If you have any additional questions you can contact us with your enquiry.

How can I amend my form?

You have the full control of amending details under your account section within your application forms. Simply select the fields to amend from the form.

How long will it take to process my documents?

This varies on the time of form you are processing and on your individual conditions. For a better estimate on timings please check the USCIS website.

To check the status of your application you can do so by clicking here

What happens if my application is rejected?

You have the opportunity to correct any mistakes and resubmit your form to the USCIS at no further cost. However if you are denied, we have a money back guarantee policy.

Our Services

How does Time for Citizenship work?

Using Time for Citizenship will help you prepare troublesome USCIS immigration applications online.

There is a simple 3 step process to guide you.

Firstly, select the type of application you require and answer the eligibility questions. If you answer correctly then you can proceed towards the next stage.

Secondly, our system will guide you to fill out the answers to the questions in the adequate formatting, ensuring you are USCIS approved.

Thirdly, after filling our online form, you will be able to download the form ready to be signed and for to be mailed to USCIS. We’ll provide you with additional instructions to precisely how to proceed.

All in the comfort of your home, try Time For Citizenship it for FREE. You won’t have to pay until you are fully satisfied and need to download it. Save money by not having to pay attorney fees. We also offer specialist feedback if necessary.

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What are the steps after I complete my application?

Once you fill out your application and it is complete, you’ll have to print it, sign up and send it off to the government. We’ll present to you a comprehensive instructions on how to proceed.

What are the fees associated?

We offer affordable solutions to complete your USCIS immigration forms. Price depends on the form which you are requesting, fees starting from $165. Note external attorneys will charge you five times the price of the form.

There will also be additional fees that will be required to be paid directly to the USCIS, this is not included within our packs.